Customize Dynamics 365 Lesson #1 Create a custom solution

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The first lesson, in a series of lessons that will show you how to customize your Dynamics 365 instance.

Why create a custom Dynamics 365 Solution?

  • If the out of the box solutions do not fit your business's needs and you would like to customize your system, creating a separate solution will separate your changes from the rest of the system. That is extremely beneficial for future development

  • Compartmentalization - keep your changes organized, you may end up making a lot of changes and additions to your system aka need more solutions

  • Makes it easy to export a backup of your solution as a smaller file

  • Makes it easy to apply those customizations to a live environment

First, Navigate to your system's solutions

  • Click on Settings, located on your Site Map - The bar that runs across the top of the Dynamics 365 user interface and lists the system's entities

  • Click on Solutions

Note: Every Dynamics 365 instance (system/database) is different and may have a different layout, just follow along as best you can, and ask questions in the comments if you need to

  • In the top left, click on New, to create a solution

  • Give the solution a Display Name, keep it simple and short

  • Choose the Default Publisher for your system, to view your options, click into the cell and click enter, a drop down should appear

  • Click Save in the top left corner and let the page refresh

  • You have created a custom solution!


Continue on to Lesson #2 Creating a custom entity!

Why? Create a place for data that is particular to your company, like properties.

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