Customize Dynamics 365 Lesson #3 Create a field and add it to the form

The third lesson, in a series of lessons that will show you how to customize your Dynamics 365 instance.

Navigate to your system's solutions

  • Click on Settings, located on your Site Map - The bar that runs across the top of the Dynamics 365 user interface and lists the system's entities

  • Click on Solutions

  • Select the solution you would like to create a custom entity in, for example I will be using my Example Solution from the previous Lesson

If you are unsure, see Lesson #1 How to create a custom solution, this will get you setup correctly

  • Select entities from the list on the left

  • Select the drop down to the left of the corresponding entity

  • Click on Forms and then select the Form with the Form Type "Main"

  • The form should open in a new window

Creating fields

  • Click "New Field" in the bottom right corner of the form window

  • Fill in the Display Name

  • Below the Display Name, the Name (Logical Name) will auto-fill, this can be edited, but be sure to use Camel Case. Note: This logical name can not be changed later

  • For Street Address we will use the Data Type "Single Line of Text"

  • Leave the other default values as they are

  • Click Save and Close in the top left

Types of Fields

Click here to see the different field types

Add the new field to the form

  • Navigate to the Main Form from earlier and refresh the page

  • From the Field Explorer on the right side, drag the new Field to its corresponding position

  • Click Save and then click Publish

  • The field has now been added to the form!

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